Homeschool Curriculum

PopAcademy of Music has the right music curriculum for you and your family. Discover the amazing benefits of a music homeschool education. Take a closer look and see what makes homeschooling so special!


 Schools & Churches

Just as you stand apart through your commitment to your child’s education, we go beyond the ordinary, from our passion for homeschooling and variety of curriculum to our foundation in faith and tradition of excellence.

Enjoy Lessons on Your Schedule, From the Convenience of Home

Access lessons 24/7. Need to slow down? Repeat lessons as often as necessary. Feeling ambitious? Tackle several new lessons per week. Go at your own pace. These lessons are for you.

FREE Video Lessons

Yes, you heard correctly. At Pop Academy of Music, we are deeply passionate about making quality music education available and affordable for everyone, which is why we offer Free video lessons online. We are adding new free lessons all the time.

We are currently working on a new animated series: Alley Pop Girls 

A Innovative Music Teaching System

We’re adding to our growing library. Releasing two new books this month. Read and Play is introducing two new books in March 2015: Alley and Mr. Keys and Izzy the Bear. Our goal is to offer a complete music education, from square zero, and we’re not going to leave anything out. No prior experience required.

Kids Love the Sozo Music Teaching System Fun Method

Piano lessons absolutely can be fun and engaging to any child, if taught creatively and with the right tools. Kids love the Sozo Music Teaching System,and they love the feeling of success as they learn to play real songs from the very first lesson.

Sozo Music Teaching System

Our innovative process, the Sozo Music Teaching System, is designed to teach children as young as age two, a variety of musical concepts and lessons.